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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ice Cream Update

Well, it's looking pretty grim for pooor old Mrs. FB. I agreed to become a human ice cream sundae if 50% of the students in the school participated, and as you can see from the thermometers, mine's nearly to the top! Only NINE more students need to participate, and I will be covered with chocolate sauce and cherries! Actually, I'm thrilled to become a human sundae because that means a lot of kids are reading!

Current class leaders are Arn, Harris, and Darby, but there was some movement in the race today with things heating up. PAWS store is open tomorrow. Buy yourself a scoop with 10 PAWS.

There are also some pictures here of some of the ice cream cones. Way to go, everyone. Collection days left are Thursday (3/11), and Monday-Thursday next week. Get in on the YUM and win your class an ice cream party!

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