Hi, I'm Mrs. F-B!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh, boy. It's official now...

As of today's tallies, Mrs. F-B WILL become a human ice cream sundae! 235 students have participated so far! The classrooms that are winning have a lot of kids in them participating, not just a few. This long weekend would be a great chance for you to get some reading done and turn a scoop card in on Monday. We'll be collecting Mon-Thur. next week. Contest ends next Thursday.

There's still time for anyone to turn in a bunch of cards and win this thing, but as of today here are the classroom totals:
Arn 371
Johnson 283
Massey 210
Miller 101
Stickney 160

Fulsher 268
Harris 319
Johnston 141
Richardson 212
Van der Meer 198

Darby 474
Delmarter 235
Gatlin 266
Trayhorn 237
Volz 236

Total scoops handed out so far 974