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Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Best Girl - Emma Harrison

This was another "beach" book, but it takes place in the mountains of Colorado, so I felt right at home since I was surrounded by snow myself!

Farrah, who prefers to go by Jane (and can you blame her since she was actually named after a Charlie's Angel), has just finished her first semester of college, and is about to spend ten days trapped at a posh resort preparing to be the Best Girl (instead of Best Man) in her older brother's wedding. Perhaps the word trapped may have given away the fact that she's not too excited about it. Until she discovers that the boy she's been crushing on all semester, Cute Conner, is actually working at the resort. Even better, she discovers he likes her. What he has not yet discovered, and what she's trying desperately to keep him from discovering, is that she's actually part of the wedding party - the one that he constantly complains about because these rich people are always so demanding, like they own the planet. What can it hurt to tell him she's just hte family's nanny? He'll never find out, right? Riiiight!

Of course the plot becomes more and more complicated as she has to go to crazier and crazier lengths to keep the truth from Conner. And of course he finds out and of course it's not too pretty.

This is another quick read with a bit of romance and some great things to keep in mind about love and just life.

Available at the Multnomah County Library.

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