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Saturday, January 24, 2009

In a Blue Room - Jim Averbeck, Ill. by Tricia Tusa

So I heard this might have a chance at the Caldecott, and since I never look at picture books, and I'd love to have read a winner in any medal category, I decided to check it out from the public library. I really have no clue about what's out there om picture book land, but I do know I liked this one.

It's a very sweet story about little Alice who's having hard time sleeping. Her mother tries everything she can think of, but Alice keeps saying she needs a blue room. In come lilacs and lilywhites, tea, a quilt, bells, everything a little girl could possibly want for sleeping, but none of it blue...until her mother gently turns off the light and the blue light of the moon streams in, bathing everything - lilacs and lilywhites, tea, a quilt, bells, even little Alice - in the perfect shade of blue for sleep.

A sweet and charming book which may very well win the Caldecott. I hope so, and then I'll add it to my list of already read winners! Let's cross our fingers. Now I'm off to sleep...

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