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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health - Robie Harris

I received this book from the publisher via The Picnic Basket website, and I have been procrastinating on writing my review for this book because I am so conflicted.

I think this book is a fantastic resource and a great choice for kids age 10 and up IF they're reading it with an adult available to talk about it. The book is illustrated with cartoony pictures, and is quite frank about a wide variety of topics on sexuality and the changing bodies of adolescents. The "story" is narrated by a bird and a bee cartoon characters who are quite funny, but also very reflective of the nature of an adolescent. The book has great information, and plenty of it. All adolescents could learn things from this book, I am quite sure, and it addresses

That aside, I don't think I can put this on my middle school library shelves due to immaturity of user. It does have fantastic information that kids want, and NEED, but some kids would parade it around the playground pointing out the pictures, and then we'd have a passel of trouble.

I will probably keep it in the professional section for health teachers who may want to use some parts of it.

Any parents looking for a great book to use with their children to talk about sex, however, should look no further. This one is terrific.

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