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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hate That Cat - Sharon Creech

This is a companion book to Sharon Creech's Love That Dog which even though I'm not the biggest dog fan, I did love. It's the sweetest story about little Jack in Miss Stretchberry's second grade class who learns to write poetry even though, according to Jack, "Boys don't write poetry. Girls do."

Now if you know me you know that I LOVE cats. In fact, I have two of the sweetest cats ever, Hummer and Bonkers, so you may think I'd be hesitant to read a book called Hate That Cat. But I know Sharon Creech never lets me down - she's one of the best YA authors ever - so I took the plunge. Excellent choice!

Jack is back and just as adorable as ever. Miss Stretchberry has moved grades along with Jack, and he's learning even more about writing. I love seeing his progress and his poetry. It's nice that Jack becomes more well rounded in this book, too.

This is a super quick read, told all in poetry form, and it is ac treat. I highly recommend it.

Available at the WOMS library courtesy of the GB Education Foundation.

Here's a picture of our cutest kittes, Hummer and Bonkers.

Notice they like to hang out by the books!

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