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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Now and Zen - Linda Gerber

This is another good installment in the Students Across the Seven Seas series (say that five times fast!). In this book Nori Tanaka travels from Ohio to Tokyo, Japan, where even though it looks like she belongs, really she's as foreign as all the rest of the kids. But don't tell the cute guy from Germany, OK, because maybe he'll like her if he thinks she's from Tokyo...

I enjoyed this book for what it was, a chick-lit light romance with a few lessons thrown in and some cultural information about Tokyo. It's not an all time classic, but it's entertaining. I'm quite curious as to whether the whole part about sumo wrestlers not washing that diaper thingy they wear because they're afraid their skills will be washed away, too, is true. That's nasty!

Thanks to Mrs. Yingling for a link to this author's blog.

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Kate said...

This book is cute, but I really like Linda Gerber's own series--Death by Bikini and especially the second book, Death by Latte.