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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

6th grade entry - The Homework Machine

The Homework Machine
Dan Gutman
Danny Dun
146 Pages

Sam (the cool kid) finds out that Brenton (the nerd) made a homework machine. The homework machine does your homework for you. Of course the others at the table found out. Judy (the goody goody) thought it was a bad idea. Kelsey (the bad girl) didn’t really care. So Sam wanted to see the homework machine. Brenton invited the three over to his house. Once the four started hanging out together everyone started to get suspicious.
One of the four main characters is Sam Dawkins. People call Sam Snik or Snikwad because it is his last name spelt backwards. Snick is a cool kid in the beginning of the book and he would have never thought about hanging with someone like Brenton. But when he does ha starts to become a nerd.
What I liked best about the book was it takes place in a police station and them telling the story. It makes me think something exciting, weird, or funny is going to happen. The book made me curious.
People who I think would like to read this book are people who are funny and humorous.

Submitted by Shelby.H.

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