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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

6th Grade Entry - The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief        
By; Rick Riordan
published by; Miramax Books  354 pages

* In the Lightning Thief Percy's father Poseidon has been framed. Zeus belives he's stolen his master lightning bolt. So now Percy and his two friends have to go on a magical quest to the under world. Because they need to return the lightning bolt to Zeus. But they need to return it in time befor the summer solctice in order to clear Possiedon's and Percy's names.
*Percy is a young boy with ADHD and is dislezic. Who seems to always get into all knids of trouble.
*I really liked the Lightning thief Every since the beging of the book it held my attention. I'm also learing about the greek gods in school. It was really cool to think of the greek gods in a different way.
*I would recommend this book to anyone that love's funny books.    

Summited By,   
                                Juliana W.

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