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Friday, May 29, 2009

Band Geek Love - Josie Bloss

This book started off strong, and band geeks will probably love it, but I have to say, the main character's voice while strong, got to be a little bit annoying. Even I, who read a lot of YA lit and am usually immune to the whims of adolescent angst overwhelming me found myself getting pretty tired of her.

Ellie Snow has been waiting for YEARS to be a senior in the marching band and finally her time has arrived! Unfortunately, not everything is going to plan. Namely one Connor Higgins. Adorably cute, a good trumpet player, and a SOPHOMORE. Ellie, who had a very bad social snafu when she was a freshman is determined not to let this guy ruffle her feathers. Which of course means he does at every turn. But how can she, senior star, go out with a sophomore?? So what if he's sweet, kind, cute, a great trumpeter? He's a sophomore.

I found Ellie's character to be too shallow for my liking, although I am sure there are girls out there like her. I just don't want there to be. She treats Connor abysmally, and I think she makes girls look bad. I hate that.

The book does have plenty of funny moments and I'm sure band kids will get even more of the inside stuff than I did. There is some bad language in the book which is true to life but not really necessary.

An ok read, but not highly recommended.

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Anonymous said...

Although I'm out of High School, this book took me back. Yes, Ellie can be a bit shallow, but who of us wasn't at that age? I just had to laugh out loud when her "best friend" spilled her secret--it truly WAS a HS moment. I think this book is an excellent read for band members and non-band members alike. You don't have to be in a band to deal with some of the things Ellie deals with.
I do agree that the language was unnecessary, but most kids probably won't even notice it. A very relatable read...with a very readable sequel!