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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

6th grade entry - The Watsons go to Birmingham - 1963

The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963
Christopher Paul Curtis
Scholastic Inc.
210 p

In the funny story the Watsons go to Birmingham, 10-year-old boy named Kenny lives in Flint, Michigan with his mom dad, brother, Byron, and little sister Joetta. When their parents decide its time to go visit Kenny’s Grandma Sands in Birmingham, Alabama, there are lots of things to get done before going. At school, Kenny is one of those kids who gets beat up and teased a-lot. Lots of things happen to him before going on the trip. One thing that happens to him is when he really wants a friend, a saver from God, he gets one. This saver is a kid that will end up getting teased too.

Now, it may seem to you that Byron and Joey seem like nice kids, but only one of them is. Joey is a girl a –lot like her mom, but not much like Kenny. She really doesn’t get teased so much. Byron is different. At school, Byron is the God of the elementary school. So he can beat up any kid when he wants to. Joey gets along pretty good with Kenny, but not Byron. He is really the main boy (god) that can beat up Kenny.

When the family finally goes to the trip, they discover three things, (well, really Kenny does). Kenny discovers that it’s like living in the sun. Then, he meats Winnie’s the Pooh’s evil twin brother Wool Pooh. After that, Joey almost gets killed in her church during Sunday school because two white men threw a bomb in during services. Finally, they go back home to their icebox in Flint, Michigan.

I really liked this book because it’s so hilarious in many ways. I also liked the way the author wrote the book as if Kenny was telling the story himself. My favorite part was when Byron got caught lighting matches, and almost got his fingers burnt.

I recommend this book for anyone that loves to read funny and adventure stories.

Submitted by Jocelyne H.

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