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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just One Wish - Janette Rallison

This was a fairy tale come true story, well mostly, and I, predictably, really liked it. Annika's little brother Jeremy has a brain tumor, and he has to have surgery pretty soon. Annika thinks that she'll be able to help him survive that scary experience and his cancer by granting him a special wish, courtesy of her genie. She's SURE he's going to wish for a Robin Hood action figure. In fact, she's so sure that she fights a guy for one in the toy store. Imagine her surprise when he wishes for the "real" Robin Hood (an actor)! But it's what he wants, so what's a girl to do? ROAD TRIP!

Though the events that ensue in her quest to convince Robin Hood are pretty far-fetched, if you let yourself believe, it's a really fun story. Annika gets herself into some pretty crazy situations, and the archery scene is awesome. Girls RULE!

The story is a bit predictable, but with a very thoughtful ending and a great portrayal of siblings. There's a little romance (who wouldn't want to date Robin Hood, after all?), a little serious side, a lot of funny stuff. Something for nearly everyone. Recommended.

Available at the Multnomah County Library.

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