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Monday, April 06, 2009

6th Grade Entry - Ark Angel

6th graders at WOMS have been invited to post guest entries on my blog for YA books they’ve recently read. This is Nick’s entry. Thanks, Nick!

Ark Angel
Anthony Horowitz
Philomel Books, 326 p.

Alex Rider, teen spy, got injured by a sniper bullet and wound up in the hospital. While he was in the hospital he met a kid named Paul Drevin in the room next to his. The night before Alex was going to get released from the hospital he snuck out of bed and went downstairs. Alex Rider saw four guys come in the hospital and kill the receptionist. Later on he realized they were a group of criminals called Force Three. He saved Paul’s life from Force Three. Later Alex figures out who Force Three is working for and he or she is planning to go in space and blow up his own hotel in space, Ark Angel. Alex Rider meets a guy named Byrne and he tells him to try to stop Force Three. Along Alex’s journey he is almost injured like when he goes go carting and when Force Three kidnaps him. Do you think he will stop Force Three?
Alex Rider is the main character in Ark Angel. He works for MI6 Special Operations, which is a spy agency. Alex is a very brave teenager and never gives up until he completes his mission. He is a fifteen year old boy that lives with his caretaker Jack Starbright. He lives with Jack Starbright because his uncle and parents are dead. Even if Alex isn’t told to do something he is always winding up following someone that looks up to no good.
What I like best about the book is all of the action. I like all of the action because it makes the book better. Another thing I liked best about the book is all the details. All of the details paint a picture in my mind. I like that Alex Rider is a really good fighter. Since Alex is a good fighter it makes all of the action better. The next thing I liked about the book best was that it’s adventurous. I like that it’s adventurous because he goes to places to that I would want to go (space). Another thing I that I like best about the book Ark Angel is that it’s suspenseful. The suspense in Ark Angel made me addicted to it. I loved how the author wrote the book with almost a different conflict in each chapter. Example one chapter will be about Force Three showing up at a soccer game and the next thing you know someone’s trying to blow up Ark Angel!
I would recommend this book to people that like their book to have a lot of action in it. If people like books with a lot of suspense in them, this book is just right for them. This book makes you imagine like you are Alex Rider, and if you like that you should check this book out or buy it. Another recommendation I have is for people that likes spy books because this book all about a spy (Alex Rider). I recommend this book to people in the age of 9-14 years old.

Submitted by Nick C.

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Ms. Yingling said...

The action is this is really great. It sounds like you really understood and liked this book!