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Monday, April 06, 2009

6th grade entry - Charlotte's Web

6th graders at WOMS have been invited to post guest entries on my blog for YA books they’ve recently read. This is Amara’s entry. Thanks, Amara!

Charlotte's Web
E.B. White
HarperCollins Publisher Inc.,
184 pages

Wilbur the pig was born a runt when he was little and was to have something awful happen to him, when an eight year old girl named Fern saves the baby pig. Her father allowed her to keep the pig but must be fully responsible for him. As Wilbur grows older he gets to big to be kept at the house any more and is sent away to Fern’s uncle Zuckerman’s farm. Wilbur and Fern are devastated to be apart but have no choice. When Wilbur arrives he is given a pig pen and some slop to hold him over for the day. With Wilbur missing Fern he forgets about his slop and doesn’t even look at it. No one wants to be his friend except for a beautiful voice he keeps hearing from the top corner of the wall where he sees nothing but a spider web. To his surprise the small voice was a small web-spinning spider. But Wilbur is in trouble. He questions that the farmer is thinking of eating him for dinner and Wilbur is terrified. Wilbur and his new friend Charlotte the spider think of a plan to save Wilbur’s life. They find out that there is a county fair coming up and that the farmer would never eat a prize winning pig. When they get to the fair Wilbur is in his pig pen with Charlotte in the corner of the wall once again. Wilbur does tricks and makes strange noises so people will notice him but nobody does because there’s a pig in the pen next to his that is two times his size. Charlotte then has an idea. She starts to weave some words in her web, the words say “Some Pig” everyone is amazed and cannot believe there eyes. Charlotte continues to weave other words to keep everyone’s attention. Such as humble, terrific, and radiant. But are these words enough to save Wilbur from being dinner and make him a prize winning pig? and what surprises comes from Charlotte that Wilbur will protect with his life to repay Charlotte for saving his? Is this the end of Wilber and his new friend Charlotte?

Wilbur has always felt like the outsider from everyone else. All he wants to do is go on an adventure. He is an easily frightened pink pig. All he wants in the world is a friend. But when he is forced away from his human friend Fern where will he find a friend? All of the animals in the barn are not fond of him except for one small aracnid that wants a friend to. Wilbur is on a life threatening adventure that he has been waiting for, now he must save his life and his best friend Charlotte‘s.

I feel bad for Wilbur when he is taken away from his friend Fern, but when he makes a new friend Charlotte, that doesn’t judge him by what size, shape, or color he is it makes me feel good inside because if I was alone and was ignored by everybody the one thing I would want right at that moment is a friend. That is my favorite part in the book because it is positive and heart warming. If anyone was in Wilbur’s position I’m sure they would be feel the same.

I think someone with a bright imagination, colorful personality, and big heart would enjoy this book because it really shows the value of friendship. Also, a person that like fiction stories with some humor. I was one of those people that enjoyed this book because of these traits that the book has. It is one of my favorite books.


Submitted by Amara E

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