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Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was thrilled by the amazing response to our book exchange! Students brought in hundreds of books, got their tickets, and came into the library at lunch today in droves to choose new books! Many students got lots of tickets and shared them with friends so even more people could benefit. I have to tell you that I love coming to this job every day, but days like this remind me even more that I really do have one of the best jobs EVER. It's great to be able to plan an event where kids are SO excited about books. And it's so awesome to work with kids who get excited about books. Of course, what's not to get excited about, really?

I also want to give major props to Readergirlz for planning Operation Teen Book Drop. Without their leadership, I probably wouldn't have gotten going on this project here at WOMS, and there would be 8,000 less books in hospitals for seriously ill children. It's pretty amazing that these divas and their clan have put this project together two years in a row. You can see more about the whole operation in this video if you're interested.

Here are a bunch of fun pics from today's festivites! Enjoy, and thanks to everyone for participating!

Getting the books ready!

The fabulous set-up girl, Katie!

Choosing books, books and more books!!!!

Look at all the tickets we used!!!


Melissa Walker said...

This is amazing--you guys RULE!

Ms. Yingling said...

This has given me a lot of ideas for our spring book exchange. I always have one right after all the library books are due for the year-- I am tremendously motivated by guilt. Thanks for the ideas.