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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

6th grade Entry - Elephant Run

6th graders at WOMS have been invited to post guest entries on my blog for YA books they’ve recently read. This is Alex’s entry. Thanks, Alex!

Elephant Run
Roland Smith
Scholatic Inc.

In 1941 during World War II, the main character of the story, Nick Freestone, is in London. He is living in his mom's apartment while bombs are being dropped by the Japanese. Later he gets shipped off to his dad's plantation in Burma. After Nick's dad leaves the plantation, the Japanese take over, and Nick is forced to be their prisoner. Nick is not just a prisoner, he also has to tend to the plantation and work on the garden. Nick lives in fear of getting hit by a mean guard if he doesn't do the work by the guard's standards.
Nick Freestone is a fourteen year old boy. Before he moves to the plantation, he is a city boy but after he moves to the plantation he learns to work in the outdoors. Nick is forced to grow up quicker so he can survive the hard life on the plantation.
I like this book because it takes place during World War II. I learned about World War II and was able to understand what Roland Smith was talking about. This is a book with lots of action and I love action.
Someone who like history and enjoys reading about war time would be thrilled about this book. This book is also for people who like action and suspense. You also have to make sure to pay attention to details so you don't get lost.

Alex D

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