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Monday, April 13, 2009

6th Grade entry - The Spiderwick Chronicles

6th graders at WOMS have been invited to post guest entries on my blog for YA books they’ve recently read. This is Calvin’s entry. Thanks, Calvin!

The SpiderWick Chronicles
Tony Diterlizzi and Holly Black

Simon & Schuster publishing inc.107 pages

The Graces move into a creepy old Victorian house that belongs to their great aunt Lucinda, and Jared Grace is miffed at this. He didn't want to move from New York, where they lived before. Soon they begin to realize there is something going on (the siblings). Mallory's medal goes missing. They bust open a wall finding Mallory's medal on a dumbwaiter. There are many assorted items on the dumbwaiter, and there is a little nest. Jared, being daring goes up the dumbwaiter to an unknown room. In the room there are many books including: A Historie of Scottish Dwarves, A Compendium of Brownie Visits from Around the World, and An Anatomy of Insects and Other Flying Creatures. He sees a message in the dust that wasn't there before: Click, Clack, watch your back. Jared believes this as evidence of something there. Yet another misfortune falls upon Mallory. When she wakes up her hair is in spikes and tied to the headboard of the bed. Their mother immediately suspects Jared.

Later, Jared finds a chest in which there is a book called The Field Guide. It is a book about magical creatures written by Arthur Spiderwick, who lived in the house a long time ago. Jared reads it, and realizes that the creature that causes all the havoc in the house must be a brownie. He tries to set a trap for the creature. Unfortunatly he is caught and he is sent back to bed. In the morning, total hell breaks out. The entire kitchen is a huge mess with everything scattered. The mother, yet again, suspects Jared and instructs him to clean it up. Now, the kids write a letter to the brownie/boggart begging him to stop and to give back Simon's two rats, which he stole. Later, the note disappears. Eventually the Boggart shows up with Simon's rats. He says that the book is not for humans and it brings harm to all who keep it.

The main characters are Jared Grace: A 9 year old, distraught boy. The reason for much of his discontent is his parents' divorce. He is a brother of Mallory Grace and twin of Simon Grace. Simon Grace: A 9 year old calm boy. He has a great fascination with animals and is quite peaceful, unlike his other siblings. He is the first person to believe Jared about the books. Mallory Grace: A 13 year old girl and sister of Jared and Simon Grace. She is also an avid fencer, and fights with her brother, Jared. Helen Grace: The mother of the three siblings. She distruts Jared to some extent.

This book is an interesting read. It's odd to see that the mischievous character (Jared) is the one who finds out this incredible secret. I actually admire the brownie for the fact that he will go to many lengths to protect the book. So, I suppose that Thimbletack is my favorite character. I also like Simon because of his peaceful tendencies and his love for animals. The story is interesting and I think I'm going to read the other books to find out what happens.

Submitted by Calvin G.

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Mrs. Gatlin said...

Excellent work on your review! This is one of my favorite books! Mrs. G.