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Monday, April 13, 2009

6th Grade entry - Coraline

6th graders at WOMS have been invited to post guest entries on my blog for YA books they’ve recently read. This is Renee’s entry. Thanks, Renee!

Coraline by Neil Gaiman
HarperCollins Publisher (2004)
162 Pages in the book Coraline.

Coraline is a book about this girl named "Coraline" and she moves into her new house and discovers a trapped door hidden in her mom’s room. She entered the trapped door and finds out that, the universal world is a whole new place. Now Coraline is trying to get her way out of this different, because her other mother in the trapped door won’t let her out and wants to have a happy family with her but Coraline wants to be with her real parents, not them. And now it is a game to get out.

Coraline is a very brave and strong girl; she is not scared of anyone or anything. Coraline has brown hair and blackish, brownish eyes. But Coraline’s real mother finds her rather boring and never has enough time with her. She is very curious and asks a lot of questions. The grown-ups think she is never serious because of her age. Sure she might make mistakes but she is actually really fun.

My favorite part of the book is when she was on her dad’s back going down the hill and the bees nest got him as he let her down and ran away losing his glasses. I liked that part because it created a picture in my mind and it was a really cool description too

If you like mysteries and you have a feeling like what is going to happen next? I would recommend reading this book because right when you pick up the book you never want to put it down. It is probably one of my favorite books I've read this year and I'd think you would like it too so start Reading.

Submitted by Renee H.

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