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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Something, Maybe - Elizabeth Scott

This was a sweet little romance that's endorsed by Sarah Dessen, so of course I had to read it. It was in some ways super predictable and then in other ways a complete surprise. A nice combo.

Hannah is the queen of invisibility. She's built a wall around herself to protect her. See, her family's a little bit, well, unusual, and kids have made fun of her in the past for this. There are only a handful of other kids she even talks to - one girl at school, but just a little, one girl from her neighborhood, and two boys at work - Josh and Finn. Josh is ultra handsome and Hannah's sure he's her soul mate, so she tries as hard as she can to be what she thinks he wants. Finn just seems like a regular guy to her, but everyone with half a brain can see that he's the much better choice. Thoughtful, funny, kind. And even Hannah notices he's kinda cute.

Seems like an awful lot of girls do choose boys for the wrong reasons and set them up to be things they're not. Why DO we do that, anyway? Will Hannah figure out she's going for the wrong guy? What would it take to make her see?

Add all her family issues to the mix and you have a great plot in addition to the romance.

Recommended. Available at the Multnomah County Library.

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