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Thursday, April 16, 2009

6th Grade Entry - Twilight

6th graders were recently invited to post entries on my blog. This is Kortnie's entry. thanks, Kortnie!

Stephenie Meyer
Little, Brown And Company
480 p.

In Twilight, Isabella (Bella) Swan moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington. She moves to live with her dad in one of the wettest places in the continental U.S. But only to make her mom happy, which is traveling with Bella’s step dad. While in Forks, Bella has a lot of new things to adjust to, like hardly ever seeing the sun, living in a tiny town hidden by trees. Even living with her dad. Eventually Bella meets some new friends, almost gets crushed by a van, and then finally starts fitting in. But when she and Edward Cullen start going out, it seems like everything falls into place. That is until Edward tells Bella his families’ secret, they’re vampires!!! Then her whole life starts to change. It seems like Bella is always in danger, and Edward is constantly saving her.

One of the main characters is Bella Swan. Bella is originally from Phoenix, Arizona, where her mom and step dad live now. But she is currently living in Forks, Washington with her dad, the chief of police. She has long curly brown hair, and is mid height and slender. Since she’s new at her school, everyone’s interested in her and suddenly has like three boys asking her prom. Though most would, Bella doesn’t like all the attention. There is something very interesting about Bella; she has horrible balance and coordination. She can hardly go ten minutes without tripping, loosing her balance, or falling over. But the most unusual thing about Bella Swan is that she madly in love, and dating a vampire!!!!

My favorite parts in Twilight, were when Edward continuously tries to convince Bella to keep away from him. Because he’s a vampire, she could get hurt. But she keeps wanting and seeing them being together. She doesn’t care what he is, and knows he won’t hurt her. She also knows that he will always do everything in his power to keep her safe. For that reason they are together, and because he feels the same way towards her, they can’t stay away from each other. They love each other, and will always be there for each other.

My other favorite part is when you get to know the Cullen family. They are described as the most beautiful and graceful creatures on the planet. They are all Dr. and Mrs. Cullen’s adopted children. Even thought they live together, they’re all in couples (except Edward of course). Like Rosalie and Emmet are together, Alice and Jasper are together, and of course Dr. Carlisle and Esme. But they all have their own pasts of how Carlisle found them and changed them, because Carlisle would never bite anyone who didn’t have any other options and were going to die. But because Carlisle is as they call themselves “a vegetarian”, all of the Cullen family only drinks the blood of animals. They also each have a gift or power, Edward can read minds, Alice can see the future, and Jasper can calm people and make peace. Also Rosalie has the gift of tenacity, or being “pigheaded” as her family describes her, Emmet has his strength, Carlisle, his compassion, and Esme can love passionately. They are all immortal, and incredibly fast and strong.

If you love forbidden romance, attention-grabbing action, and fantasy that seem so real, this book is for you. Also for readers who love vampires, a book that keep them on the edge of their seat, and keeps you wanting more until you can’t put the book down, I recommend Twilight.

Submitted by Kortnie M.

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Mrs. Gatlin said...

Wow! Excellent blog entry! You have made me want to read Twilight again. Mrs. G.