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Monday, April 13, 2009

6th Grade entry - Alanna the First Adventure

6th graders at WOMS have been invited to post guest entries on my blog for YA books they’ve recently read. This is Meera’s entry. Thanks, Meera!

Alanna, the First Adventure
Tamora Pierce
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 216 p.

In Alanna, the First Adventure by Tamora Pierce, Alanna hates her father’s decision to send her to the convent and her brother, Thom, to the palace to become a knight; Thom despises this as well. He wants to become the most powerful sorcerer in all of Tortall and she wants to become a warrior maiden and do great deeds. Their father is a scholar who does not care about his children. Alanna gets hit with the idea that will change their lives forever. Maude and Coram, the people who raised them from birth and look after them, can only tell Alanna and her twin brother apart. Thom and Alanna go to Maude who uses magic to find out if it is what the gods will. Thom leaves to become a sorcerer and Alanna becomes Alan, Thom’s twin brother, who departs for the palace to become a page, the first step in becoming a knight. Life as a page is straining and hard to bear. The first half of her day is spent studying and the other half is learning combat. Right away Alanna makes an enemy, Ralon of Malven. She also meets Prince Jonathan, Raoul, Alex, and her sponsor, Gary. George, the king of thieves, befriends her, teaches her advanced wrestling, and becomes one of her closest, most trusted friends. When Duke Roger, Jonathan’s cousin, arrives at the palace Alanna begins to feel uneasy. She does not understand why but the charming and handsome sorcerer feels like a threat to her. Is Roger evil? Will Alan become a knight? Will Alanna be discovered? To find out, read this amazing and action packed book. Alanna is a girl with fiery red hair and violet eyes. When she sets her mind to something there is no stopping her. She is a determined, fierce, and kind girl. Thom matches his twin’s looks perfectly, but he is the careful one who always thinks thing over. He despises people except his sister; he is not a fighter or very caring. Thom and Alanna may be twins but their personalities show no resemblance! Prince Jonathan has coal black hair and piercing sapphire eyes. He is strong, kind, thoughtful, and easy going. He makes a wonderful friend to Alan. Gary and Raoul are tall, strong, commanding boys who you would not want as enemies (as Ralon of Malven learned). Luckily for Alan they become friends quickly. Roger is handsome and charming, which is why Alanna doesn’t understand why she feels such an evil presence when Roger is around. George is sweet and understanding, he can make Alan laugh and has befriended them all. These are the main characters giving life to the story. I loved this book because it was filled with suspense, magic, combat, and a determined, strong, and amazing girl, Alanna of Trebond. This story proves that even if you are a girl you are still strong enough to compete with the boys. This story is also filled with mystery and legend. The message this story sent me was that your determination is the strength you need to follow your dreams. Alanna, the First Adventure is the first book in the Song of the Lioness series. The series is a thrilling adventure. I would recommend this series to people who enjoy adventure, action, suspense, mystery, and will power. Submitted by Meera C.

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qwertyuikh said...

I have never really read this book but after reading this i think i should it really sounds amazing.