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Monday, April 13, 2009

6th Grade Entry - New Moon

6th graders at WOMS have been invited to post guest entries on my blog for YA books they’ve recently read. This is Lana’s entry. Thanks, Lana!

New Moon
Stephenie Meyer
Little, Brown and Company

When Edward Cullen and his family leave Forks, Washington and Isabella Swan (Bella), they move to a different location because they are getting revealed. Edward took everything that would remind Bella of him because he wanted her to be better off without him. That didn’t happen because Bella goes into deep depression and does not talk to anybody because her loved one Edward left her. All of her friends ignore her and stop talking to her after they gave up hope on trying to cheer her up. She is stuck like this for four months. Until finally she snaps out of it and loves Jacob Black like a brother and they become best friends and do everything together. Bella still doesn’t forget about Edward though, because they made a promise before he left that she wouldn’t do anything stupid, or get hurt, so whenever she does anything wrong she hears his sweet, angel voice. Bella starts purposely doing dangerous things, just to hear his beautiful voice again. Some of the stunts Bella is doing could get her seriously injured.

One of the main characters in New Moon, is Bella. She is a mature girl who takes care of herself, and also her father, Charlie. In the relationship between her and her mother, Renee, she considers herself as being the adult. Bella can also be a klutz sometimes because she is always getting hurt, and falling down. Isabella is a unique girl with long, brown hair, and brown eyes. She is unusually pale for a person that had once lived in Phoenix, Arizona.

What I liked best about New Moon was that it was a love story mixed with action events. Once you start reading it you never want to put it down. It is a very interesting book with vampires in it. I also liked how Bella found a totally different side of her that she never knew she had. She expressed herself in so many ways. She was more adventures in this book then in Twilight, the first book of the series.

I recommend this book to all boys and girls because it is an exciting book to read and it never gets boring. Also if you like some books about vampires it would be a right choice for you. Just be aware to those who believe the beginning of the book is not appealing, for the ending will hook you back into Stephenie Meyer’s series.

Submitted by Lana C.

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