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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

6th grade entry - Cryptid Hunters

6th graders at WOMS have been invited to post guest entries on my blog for YA books they’ve recently read. This is Monica’s entry. Thanks, Monica!

Cryptid Hunters
Roland Smith
Hyperion paperbacks for children, 348 p.

In Cryptid Hunters by: Roland Smith Grace and Marty get literally dropped in The Congo but this was not part of the plan. The plan was Wolfe (their Uncle Travis) and his partner, Laurel Lee were going to The Congo to save their friend, Masalito from Butch McCall. Why were Grace and Marty with them? They were supposed to be going back to their boarding school in Switzerland (they were all on Wolfe’s Jet). On Grace and Marty’s journey they end up separated only to be saved by Masalito! Unfortunately, Wolfe comes looking for them with no success and to top it all off Wolfe’s arch enemy Noah Blackwood is after Grace and Marty too!

Grace is a sweet girl with jet black hair and deep blue eyes. She is scared of almost everything and has a nightmare that she can’t even remember! She believes the key to opening the memory of this dream is somewhere in The Congo. So she’s kind of happy when she gets there aside the snakes, bugs, monkeys and bats.

Trying to pick my favorite part will be hard so I’ll just share my favorite parts. This book is great for learning because it tells a lot about myths and cryptozoology (the study of animals such as Sasquatch and others whose existence has not been proven scientifically). Another good part would be when Grace and Marty find the long lost (but dead) sauropod Moklembe (Mo- kee- lee- em- mem-bay). There are so many more awesome parts but Miss. FB said no spoilers so sorry!
I think people interested in myths and cryptids would love this book. As for age group anyone with a 750 Lexile would work. For gender I think both boys and girls can enjoy this book if they enjoy a book filled with nonstop action in a
well-packed jungle adventure.

Submitted by: Monica C.

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